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HoHoDoDa 2013 am I really doing this?


Having just finished PiBoIdMo and SkAdaMo, I will attempt to keep up with Linda Silvestri’s HoHoDoDa 2013. This may not be daily, most likely will not, but I can announce with assurance that I will post in “fits and starts”. So without further adieu, say hello to this sweetie who is wishing you a very happy holiday!


Lately I have been noting the time I make a sketch for later comparisons. This one was sketched around 1am, but painted during the day. Not being one to run out of experimentations, I will be checking to see if the late night sketches are more interesting than the daytime sketches. At this point I am inclined to think the late night ones are a little wonkier, perhaps not drawn as well, but have a bit of charm that I seem to be missing when sketching in the morning or mid-day. I did enjoy this cutie when I finished, but she was drawn in bits as I started to drift off to sleep, woke up and sketched some more, then back to sleep. If I smile in the morning when I see what I’ve sketched, I feel I’m on the right track.



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SkAdaMo 2013

SkAdaMo 2012

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PiBoIdMo 2013

PiBoIdMo 2012

PiBoIdMo Winner 2012

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